One day kitesurfing course 3 hours

Let's take a closer look at what one day of kitesurfing training at our school includes.

First - of all, we explain theoretically everything regarding your safety during the kite lesson, wind direction, wind speed, pitfalls, weather conditions.

Second - is set up of a training inflatable kite (size depending on the wind speed), and short lines (10-15 meters), working out with safety system (first quick release and final release)

Third - is a launch four-line kite and clarification on wind window, full control with the bar and restart a kite from the water.

Fourth - using a kite in the power zone, body dragging downwind, body dragging against the wind, landing a kite with an assistant on the beach and disassembling equipment.

All equipment is already includeing on this price ( kite, board, wetsuit, harness, helmet).

two day sadvanced beginner course 6 hours

Advanced beginner program will depend largely on the level of a student.


- Set up equipment.

- Launching and landing kite.

- Bodydraging down wind & up wind.

- Knowledges about water start.

But regardless of beginner's level, the instructor will still test skills and draw up an effective plan for maximum progress.

And if all goes well you will work out the water, start on the board and, in ideal layouts, start riding upwind.

All equipment included on the price of the lesson.

Five days complete kite course 15 hours

This option is most suitable for those who want to learn kitesurfing from the ground up and you have time and you do not need to leave Lagos soon.

During the five-day course, you will master all the necessary skills to independently and safely go kitesurfing.

Who are well-coordinated and have excellent control of their body, it will be very easy to learn kitesurfing for three days and remaining days to improve riding technique and you can learn the simplest tricks.

For those who are worried about what may not work, we can reassure you, 99% of our students complete five days of training at our school, and do not need repeated classes and careful supervision.