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In our kite center Lagos you can learn to ride a kite in a very short time, our goal is safety and fast training according to the methodology itself that has been formed over the years. Special kite courses for young people, nice courses for older students, as well as courses for active and advanced youth. In the event that you came with your own equipment to ride on your own, we will gladly explain to you all the nuances and subtleties of the kite spot.

If you are not sure that you can ride on your own, we will help you with that too, for example, watching or a small lesson with an instructor will help you look more confidently on tomorrow.

kite lessons

1 day Group Lesson120 euros

2 day Group Lesson -   200 euros

3 days Group Lesson - 270 euros

5 days Group Lesson - 420 euros

We also have Half Private lessons and Private lessons

Please contact Us for special group or family Price

Group lesson - Maximum 4 students with one instructor, all equipment incluiding on this price, depending of the level of the student can be one kite for each student.

Rent kite equipment

Rental - 60 euros/ day

2 days or more - 50 euros/ day

Equipment insurance - 30 euros session

Just Rent a Board - 20 euros/ day

Just Rent kite - 40 euros/ day

We Rent brand new CoreKitesand before giving the equipment we must make sure that you can be trusted with the kite equipment. First of all, you must leave a deposit, a car key or a document. Second, the administrator will ask you a few questions about your kitesurfing skills. In case of loss or breakdown of equipment, YOU pay the full cost of the equipment.

In the event that you paid for the insurance, WE are responsible for everything.
Our Goal: 0 assidents
Time left: 90 Days
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December 28, 2020

Kitesurf conditions & equipment size in  LAGOS 2022



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