Kitesurf Lagos – 5 tips about kitesurfing for beginners in Lagos.

The first time I wrote a memo about kitesurf in Lagos a long time ago. It was a very necessary and relevant article, but since then everything has changed and very much! Who wants to neigh, can read the original, below I will present my vision of the current situation.

First, let’s decide on what kitesurf equipment to ride in Lagos. In the sky, naturally to the kite!! The size of the kite which is most useful in Lagos for beginners:

2 Kiteboard Size.

142 cm for a Big boy 100 kg,

138 cm for a guy 80kg,

135-133 for dry and technical guys 75-65 kg,

girls 134-130 cm if you weigh 60-50-45,

128–125cm for children 35–25 kg.


If we talk about the strength of the wind in Lagos and ask how often it blows from three different people, you will immediately understand everything is very difficult. Wind statistics differ from year to year, you can check here.

It turns out that the blowing in the summer in Lagos according to statistics is about the same, although it feels much more in June – July, and much less in November than in other months.
How to know if the wind will blow tomorrow the day after tomorrow in a week? The forecast for tomorrow most often has properties to come true, but about more distant dates, the percentage of sales drops sharply.

The predicted wind may weaken, change direction, move one day forward or backward. If they postpone it, then the cyclone is weakening and there will be less wind, when the wind comes earlier than the scheduled time, hurray, it will be possible to kitesurf it cool.

However, if there is a steady trend: like a few days of wind in the same direction, this forecast is likely to come true.

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